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Designing a Scavenger Hunt


A scavenger hunt is a game set up by one group, to be played by another group of people. They will have to use riddles or a set of clues to fish out certain items or reveal particular destinations. Scavenger hunts are a creative and fun activity that can engage and involve almost any age group. They can also be used to surprise somebody with an item at the end of the hunt. They gained popularity in the early parts of the last century. Although the initial participants were mostly adults, they have become popular with the young ones as well. There remain some versions suitable for all ages, but the riddle-based scavenger hunts are primarily aimed at children, with their application even in class. They can also be played over the internet.

Designing a scavenger hunt is considered an art form, which requires considerable creativity and testing. The starting point would be deciding on the theme of the hunt.

Depending on what is their current obsession, you can pick that subject as the theme, like picking a volcano based scavenger hunt while they are studying geographical features in class. The next step involves selecting all the items and locations the hunt will cover. All these choices must be in line with the chosen theme. Your volcano based hunt could be done in a park, with a hilly landscape and plenty of rocks, as well as mock up eruptions.


The last step, and to introduce a flow of the whole activity at, would be to formulate riddles and clues for all the items and stops you had selected earlier. You can prepare a list of how the selected objects and location relate to your theme, then make riddles out of the information. After writing the riddles, you shall have to decide the manner in which they will be positioned.


You have the option of supplying the participants with all the clues at the beginning or placing them at each subsequent stage, meaning they will need to follow a certain route and solve each step to proceed. A clue shall be obtained when scavenger hunt riddles is solved. This should keep them engaged and entertained.

Scavenger hunts present an ideal vehicle to entertain a group of people and to keep them on a journey towards a certain destination. These hunts can be designed specially to keep children engaged and having fun for long periods of time. They can be the main activity on a special occasion like a birthday, with the presents situated at the end of the hunt. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best scavenger hunt ideas by checking out the post at